Junior Tennis Clinics and Lessons

Kids day at the Filipek tennis tournament at Copper Valley Club

Copper Valley Club offers tennis lessons for children of all ages and ability levels.  CVC takes pride in offering the best development of your children in the sport of tennis with the most experienced pros in the business.  By the end of the season your child will have improved and love the great sport of tennis! Our experienced staff will provide summer programs, two to three times a week players grouped by age/ability. Minimum 10 players per age group for program to run.

Red Ball (Ages 4-8) 17” to 21” racquet

This program introduces tennis to kids using larger, slower balls on a smaller 36’ court. Children are able to develop tennis skills at a higher rate of success. Later, they will be able to adapt same skills on a larger courts.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-9AM

Hot Shots
Orange Ball (Ages 8-12) 21” to 25” racquet

This clinic focuses on the fundamentals of tennis. Children will be taught basic tennis skills and general tennis knowledge; using standard size balls.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Noon-1PM

Green Ball (Ages 10-14) 25” to 27” racquet This class is designed to introduce players to competitive play. It focuses on developing strokes, technique, and rally skills using slower balls to promote successful match play. It is also beneficial for the rapid advancement of older beginning players.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11-Noon

 Satellite Stars


Yellow Ball (Ages 10-14) 25” to 27” racquet Designed for players who can keep a rally going, already know techniques, and are able to play  points.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11-Noon

H.S. Program (Ages 12-18)

This class is designed for the High School player with strong emphasis on technique, developing match play strategies, and developing fitness to prepare for competition.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-4PM

High Performance
Match play, strategies and tactics, mental preparedness, and tennis fitness are the focus in this program designed for the tournament player and high level high school player.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-4PM

*Entry into this program must be approved by the Tennis Director. *

Class Pricing
Session 1 - June 19 - July 14       Session 2 - July 17 - August 11

Munchkins/Hot Shots/Tour Satellite 
    Each Session $ 180.00 

All Star Program/High Performance   
     Each Session $ 255.00 

If a player selects both sessions, there is a 10%
discount on the 2nd session.  There is also a 10%
discount for siblings after the 1st sibling pays full
Tennis Director
Private           $60 (1-Hour)   
                  Package of 6 - $320  
Semi-Private      $40/player (1-Hour) 
3+ Pro            $27/player (1-Hour)              
Hitting Session   $40 (1-Hour)

Assistant Tennis Professional                
Private           $40 (1-Hour)              
                  Package of 6 - $210
Hitting Session   $20 (1-Hour)

For more information Contact Nish Prathab through info@coppervalleyclub.net or (203)-679-9CVC

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