Guest policies

All guests should remain with their host member and are expected to follow all club rules and regulations.

General Guest Rules

  1.  All guests must be registered by a member before using the club. All guest names shall be registered at either the pool entrance (guard shack) or at the tennis pro shop.  All junior guests 12 and under, must pass basic swim test before entering the pool.
  2.  The CVC Staff and Board Members have the right to question anyone on club property not properly identified as a club guest or member.
  3.   Each member shall be allowed unlimited guest privileges. Current guest fees apply unless otherwise stated.  A guest privilege shall consist of admission the Club (i.e. pool, clubhouse, tennis courts and social events)
  4.   Any individual guest is limited to a maximum of three daily guest privileges per week, maximum of one per week by any combination of club members.  Any extenuating circumstances will need to be approved by the Club Manager or Board of Governor Executive Board before using the facilities.  Examples are:
    • Out-of-town guests using the club greater than allowed by the rules
    • Grandparents visiting for extended periods of time
    • Friends of a junior member using the club more than the rule allows but their family is not a member.

Policy regarding child guests:
Guests younger than the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult member or a formally registered sitter. Please refer to the Babysitting policy below:

Note: CVC reserves the right to background check the babysitter credentials before approval.

Rates and Billing

Daily Guest Fee:     
Adult (>18 Years old)           $10 per visit
Children (<5 Years old)         Free
Children  (5 to 17 Years Old)   $5 

Weekly Rate:                  $60 per family 
                               for out of town visitors

It is preferred that Members pay the same day the guest is registered to the Club Manager.  If not, the member will be directly be billed by Quickbooks and must pay in full within 30 days of a receipt.


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