Board contacts

Please email the board with any comments or suggestions –

CVC Board – Position – Name (Term)

President - Shawna Baron (Oct 2019) send an email

VP Of Administration - Jeffrey Mahar (Oct 2017)

VP of Operations - John Bate (Oct 2019)

Secretary - Paul Cahill (Oct 2019)

Treasurer - OPEN

Tennis Chair - Wayne Eddy (Oct 2019)

Swim Chair - OPEN

Social Chair - Nicole Kaya (Oct 2017)

Co-Membership Chair - Marylee Kelly (Oct 2017)

Co-Membership Chair - Karin Pasinski - (Oct 2017)

Rick Roberts - (Oct 2019)

CVC  Committees (Term)

Membership:Karin Pasinski & Marylee Kelly, Co Chairs  – Members: Jeff Mahar, Wayne Eddy, Janet Baron, Steve Prior, Rick Roberts, Steve Schneider, Clay Yalof, Cathy Granucci

Nominations: Chaired by  John Bate – Members: (TBD)

Social: Nicole Kaya, Chair – Members: Janet Baron  and Julie Russitano

Swimming: Vacant, Chair – Members: Karen Pasinski

Tennis: Wayne Eddy, Chair – Members: John Bate,  Neeta Vatti, Beth Pierpont, Mary Murphy, and Lori & Bill Mann

Cafe: (TBD)

Pool and Grounds: John Bate – Members: Ian Freeman

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