Swim Lessons

Copper Valley Swim Club Cheshire CT

Copper Valley Club offers both children and adults swim lessons for the beginner to the experienced swimmer.  There are many programs for everyone throughout the summer!

Infant Classes

Baby and Me Water Discovery: (30 min) Introducing baby to water in a safe and comforting way. For baby and parent/guardian. Bond with baby in the water while baby adapts to being comfortable and safe in a pool. Learning how to enter and exist, blowing bubbles and turning from stomach to back. For ages 6 months to 3 years.

Saturday and Sunday 1-2PM, Fee $30 per session 
(Schedule subject to change)

Baby and Me Water Exploration:  (30 min)Continue the process of discovering the water. Enhance your skills independently with parent in floating on stomach and back, front gliding and entering safely in and out or water. For ages 2-4

Saturday and Sunday 2-3PM, Fee $30 per session 
(Schedule subject to change)

Adult  Classes

Learn How to Swim: 30 min private lessons Overcome the fear of pools and water with private lessons that will teach you the fundamentals of swimming and floating. Will work on learning swimming strokes and gaining endurance in the water to feel safe.

Fee:  $30 for 30 min
      $50 for 1 hr

Swim Lessons: 1 hour group or 30 min private sessions

2 sessions of 3 week lessons in 2 groups. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
            2 to 3PM

Fee: $75

Session 1 July 10-29
Session 2 August 7-26. 

Private– work with a coach or lifeguard of your choosing to focus on swimming related goal. Can range from being more comfortable in the water, learning how to swim, building a stroke technique, learning better flip turns or enhancing your endurance. Lessons are geared toward your goals.

Fee:  $30 for 30 min
      $50 for 1 hr

Minnows– become acclimated in the water by learning how to comfortably submerge yourself comfortably and how to exit safely in the event of a fall into deep water.  Learn how to focus on buoyancy and movement threw the water. Start building stamina.

Sharks– continuing stamina in the water while being introduced to swimming strokes. Should be able to jump into 15ft deep water and return to wall unassisted before entering.

Pre-Team– developing stroke techniques and mechanics. Learning how to properly push off walls and getting a knowledge of how to swim all strokes legally. Should be able to do 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke before entering.

Masters Swim

For any level swimmer ages 18(college) or older. The focus will be stroke technique and endurance. Equipment needed: cap, goggles, training suit (no bikinis or board shorts), boards, fins and buoys.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (1hr 45min)

11:45-11:55 dynamic warmup/activation

12:00-12:10 swim warmup

12:10-12:40 kicking, drills, stroke technique

12:40-1:00 endurance based set

1:00-1:15 cool-down
Fee:  $90

For more information contact Kendra Kennedy  through (203)-679-9CVC or email us at info@coppervalleyclub.net